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Take the Bite Out Of Your Stink With New Plastic-Free Deodorant

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/27/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Single-use plastic sucks for the environment and the future hospitability of the planet. Most of it doesn’t get recycled, and that's prompted many consumers to strive for a zero-waste lifestyle. But everyone has a line, a product, or a need for which there is no plastic-free alternative. Walking around with stinky armpits to reduce plastic pollution is impractical for most; plastic-free personal care brand Bite thinks so too and has unveiled its new refillable and compostable deodorant line.

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Originally launching with a line of oral care products such as toothpaste pills, Bite has since expanded to include a new plant-based refillable deodorant. Available in three scents, a citrusy Neroli, floral-fresh Rose Vert, and a woodsy Santal, the refills ship in compostable packaging and go into a shiny metallic dispenser, which looks like a tiny spaceship escape pod. The mirror-like finish, round edges, and stout shape are reminiscent of the original iPods but completely clapped out in chrome. Bite’s wordmark gets stamped on the front, with “Because it’s the Earth” stamped underneath. 

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Everyone gets a little beefy in the smells department, and it’s nice to see Bite’s deodorants presented neutrally concerning gender. Bite deodorant starter packs, which include two refills and a dispenser, as well as additional refills in all scents, are available now at

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