Featured image for Craft Counter Announces Plant-Based Hard-Boiled, 'WunderEggs'

Craft Counter Announces Plant-Based Hard-Boiled, 'WunderEggs'

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/13/2021 | 1 Minute Read

While it is easy to find positive reasons to eat less aminal-based food, meatless diets are more environmentally friendly, require no animal suffering, and improves one’s health. The trade-off, of course, is no longer enjoying certain things for which there are few or no plant-based approximations. 

Fortunately, for those missing hard-boiled eggs, Craft Counter announced WunderEggs, which promise to deliver the eating experience of the original without the need for battery cages and other not-so-nice things like the culling of male chicks common to the egg business.

Editorial photograph

The packaging is as bold as the promise of a plant-based hard-boiled egg that's gluten and grain-free, oh, and paleo-friendly too. Yolk-yellow elements get set against a bright purple, a departure from Craft Counter’s nugget packaging. A photograph of a sliced “egg” sits on top of a rising sun, a nod to conventional egg packaging, as is the typography, which feels at home in the egg and dairy aisle, despite its plant-based composition. A circular-based pattern also gets utilized, reminiscent of shapes found in eggs.

WunderEggs aren’t available in stores just yet, but Craft Counter is looking for influencers to be the first to try the alt-eggs now.