Featured image for Warsteiner Beer Liqueur Created Packaging Inspired By 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory' And 'Alice In Wonderland'

Warsteiner Beer Liqueur Created Packaging Inspired By 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory' And 'Alice In Wonderland'

by Chloe Gordon on 08/09/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Any brand that takes inspiration from the two glorious stories of Alice In Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a brand that's willing to dream, take chances, and create packaging worthy of being talked about. 

Warsteiner's beer liqueur was inspired to create a beverage that would take its customers to a bizarre dream world. With packaging that's illustrative and bold, there's no doubt that this design will take you into a fantasy world. The illustrations feature butterflies, checked floors, Chesire Smiles, and rusty gears in an eclectic yet flawless design execution. 

Designed by WIN Creating Images, Warsteiner's packaging is proof that, sometimes, going out on a limb and creating something new is just what we all need. 

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Between Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Warsteiner creates a bizarre dream world for their beer liqueur as a declaration of love to hops – WIN Creating Images implements the "somewhat different“ design for their existing customers.

The requirements for the new look of the beer liqueur surely speak for many people right now: It is meant to be a design that spreads joy, picks you up and takes you into another world. While we are eagerly awaiting the opening of gastronomy, Warsteiner has "spruced up“ their beer liqueur – and dedicated a very personal love story to it. Developed “from the love of hops”, the new design takes you into a fantasy world that is entirely dedicated to hops. As a kind of “Holy Grail”, it is at the center of the design and shines in all directions. A machine presses the essence out of the hops.

The liqueur obtained is traditionally drunk with a whipped cream topping, shown here with the classic Warsteiner tulip. The beer liqueur is an addition to Warsteiner‘s premium beer portfolio. It has a spicy, slightly sweet taste with a delicate note of hops and will be found (in retail) and gastronomy as soon as they resume their daily business.

"The task was to create a bold, completely different packaging and to take a completely free approach. Of course, we are on fire and can really let our love of design come into play. We are always happy when clients dare to take this step with us.“ says Luc Buetz, Managing Director of WIN Creating Images.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph