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The Hallmark Channel Gets Their Own Rosé Seltzer

by Rudy Sanchez on 08/31/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Deep within the programming guides of cable and TV providers across the US resides the Hallmark Channel and its offspring. Known for their prolific production of schlocky, low-effort, romantically-themed pablum, part of the charm in Hallmark’s programming is how easy it is to consume. The stories, settings, themes, and presentation are formulaic and repetitive, no doubt a consequence of budget and high output. 

So, could there possibly be a television network more suited for a bespoke sparkling seltzer?

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Hallmark may be late to the party, but the brand’s new Cheers rosé seltzer, a product extension of the channel’s wine brand, is spot-on for the network. The 250ml cans are pink, and the brushstroke “Cheers” wordmark gives it a tie to the mother brand as well as a strong “Live Love Laugh” vibe that’s sure to resonate with the target consumer. The labels also sport Hallmark Channel branding along the top. The outer packaging features a couple of white lady hands cheering with glasses with ripped-from-social-media bokeh background.

Unlike most hard seltzers that clock in at about 4-5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV), Cheers comes in at 8.4% in the same sized cans. And that might be enough booze to forget you already watched the one about the small-town girl in the big city with a fancy job and a disappointing fiancé finding true love and happiness in the arms of a craftsman with a cute dog when she comes home for the holidays.