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Doritos Is Bringing Back Tangy Pickle Chips For A Limited Time

by Chloe Gordon on 08/30/2021 | 3 Minute Read

If it were up to me, snacks would reign over breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

There's something about light nourishment (and junk food) that just does it for me. I don't know if it's because it brings a piece of spontaneity to our daily routines or if they're the first things we reach for when we're hangry. Maybe it's because they're just better? Whatever the reason, snacks are my happy place. 

Well, Doritos, one of the leading snacking brands, understands that pickles and potato chips are two of the most sought-after treats and have mashed them together accordingly. The Texas-based Doritos team created the limited-edition Tangy Pickles chips, and with 90s inspired packaging and swag, it's clear that the team knows how to have some fun. In fact, Doritos most loyal fans can enter a contest on Doritos’ social media accounts to win a ‘90s-themed box that includes a bag of the Tangy Pickle chips, a Doritos branded bucket hat, a gold chain (pickle included), all packaged in a boombox that does indeed connect to Blue Tooth so you can play some bumpin’ tunes while you munch. 

We had the delight of asking Nicolas Vallejos, Frito-Lay Brand Design Director, a few questions about how the chips and their packaging came to be. 

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What sparked the 90s theme? 

We were inspired by the original colors of the Doritos Tangy Pickle packaging design, which we initially created in 2020. To convey the core benefit, a non-spicy, bold new Tangy flavor, we utilized a vibrant green combined with a vivacious magenta. 


What was the inspiration for the packaging design and the boom box?   

The color scheme reminded us of the late 80s and early 90s new wave colors. The Boombox and accessories were inspired by New York City’s street culture during that era, and it links to the brand’s deep cultural connection with music. We also thought it was relevant to reuse the 90s Doritos logo and iconic Memphis style. All of this truly conveys a feeling of nostalgia and throwback.  


Can you describe how many shades of green you went through to find this perfect chartreuse hue?  

We knew the target from our work on the 2020 Doritos Tangy Pickle execution. We defined the Pantone and worked with our partners to ensure we had the super vibrant green we envisioned since the conception of the original bag design. 

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What was your timeline with this project?  

Our timeline was extremely tight. We ideated and pitched the initial concept and ideas in mid-June of this year. We had some initial brainstorm sessions but quickly narrowed them down to the 90s reference – it felt right immediately. We started sourcing the accessories and possible partners to execute the total packaging on budget and within the aggressive timeline. The team worked fast, finding vendors and even manufacturing some of the accessories out of build items (the chain necklace, for example). 

Did you run into any problems or complications while designing? If so, what were they?  

We faced a variety of challenges to bring the Boom Box to life. We were working with a tight budget and timeline and needed to find the right partners to bring our vision to life within these constraints while still delivering an amazing product. 

One hurdle we faced was that the Bluetooth speakers could only ship ground from the retailer’s warehouse, so the timing wouldn’t work. We’re solution-oriented, so we were thinking of taking a road trip throughout Texas and New York to physically visit brick and mortar retailers and purchase every speaker kit we could find. At the last moment, we finally arranged faster shipping that narrowly worked with our timing. There are always complications that come with a project like this, but it's part of the fun, and we are thrilled with where we landed.

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