Student Week: Beesline Summer Collection

by Chloe Gordon on 08/27/2021 | 2 Minute Read

When collages are implemented in designs, there's an instant sense of nostalgia wrapped into the design. Rahaf Ghader's conceptual packaging design for the all-natural skin-care line Beesline effortlessly implements the collage-style into the design without overwhelming the consumer. Furthermore, the pastel colors of the illustrations paired with the black and white images contrast each other in an understated yet artful way.

Editorial photograph

Beesline is a renowned Lebanese company that specializes in all-natural nature-based skin and hair products that are free from additives, artificial coloring, fragrances, and products of animal origin. Beesline package designs are repetitive and similar on all their products with a beehive integrated with the design; therefore I decided to redesign the foot and hand cream in a new style as a special edition line. Visually, I used collage style to create a unique focal image from leaves, birds, the key ingredient, and graphic elements.

In the center of the college, I added either hands or feet to specify the type of cream. The elements used to reflect the brand’s motto “from nature to you” and create an eye-catching visual that elevates the design and makes it stand out on the shelf. In the background, I added a simplistic line pattern that signifies moisture, which is what the products ensure the customer. The fonts used are modern and simple for legibility. As for the colors, I chose light pastel colors to reflect the softness of the skin.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

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