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Student Week: Outa

by Chloe Gordon on 08/26/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Teenagers have enough of a hard time, but finding snacks that are catered to this specific demographic is more difficult than you'd think. Sure, there's baby food and toddler snacks, there's cutely packaged frozen foods and yogurts for kids funky canned wine once you're old enough, but where's the packaging for teenagers?

Claudia Natasha realized this hole in the market and designed the conceptual brand Outa to cater to the missing demographic. Outa is a jerky brand that's serving snacks filled with protein. The packaging is fresh, original, and not too young or too bland. The perfect mix for the 12-19-year-old age group. Keeping the color scheme to orange and red and contrasting the featured flavor's color on the front of the package allows this to be a snack that people of any gender and truly any age group would feel confident carrying around the lunchroom, the office, or even both.

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Outa (hypothetical) proclaims teenagers’ urge for independence by providing them with snacks, which allow them to break the conventional eating habit, safely and responsibly. Jerky, as its main offering, gives them the choice to eat at a more flexible schedule, while keeping them filled, energetic, and their protein needs met. The spontaneous and bold illustration speaks to the character of a youth. The logo jumping out of the cityscape tells the story of a teenager who wants to leave their town, be out there, and change the world.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph