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Simplify Your Daily Chores While Reducing Plastic Waste With Everdaily

by Chloe Gordon on 07/26/2021 | 2 Minute Read

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There's nothing fun about doing chores. Sure, the thought of having a sparkling sink, floors that are so clean you'd lick them, and a streak-free mirror are thrilling, but the time, energy, and effort of getting your space to that place aren't enjoyable, at least for me. 

Not to mention, the environmental devastation generated by the cleaning industry is unthinkable, from the water pollution from the chemicals in the products to the waste from the packaging of, well, all of it. However, there's finally a solution, and, as a bonus, it comes in packaging that you'll feel proud to leave in your cabinets or under your sink. Enter Everdaily, a concentrated cleaning brand with a mission to make your everyday cleaning products healthier and more beautiful, with less. 

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With packaging and a visual identity from Marx Design, the brand's goal was to help consumers rid themselves of the clutter in their cabinets by creating an all-in-one solution. They didn't understand why you could have a great product in the bathroom that's too toxic for the kitchen. A good formula should really do it all-dishes, laundry, floors, everything.

Everdaily is a one-size-fits-all approach to cleaning to simplify consumer's lives while also reducing disposable plastic waste. The brand's first launch consists of two concentrate cleaners that can be used for all household cleaning when mixed with water. 

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The dilution of the concentrate determines the use of the cleaner; more concentrate gets added to water for substantial areas such as bathrooms and less for more basic cleaning needs.

Adopting the practical approach to functionality, Marx Design featured the dilution of the contents on each package through an elegant design aesthetic. For example, 1:1 is the undiluted concentrate, and 1:5 is one-fifth concentrate to four-fifths water. The bottles get made with rPET, and in the future, the brand plans on offering bulk concentrate at refill stores.

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The result is a fresh design for a sustainable, thoughtful, and practical household item. Now you can wash your bathtub with the same products you use to clean your kitchen sink, and there's nothing wrong with that; it's sustainable in more ways than one.