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Kura Kura Beer Will Take You On An Instant Vacation

by Chloe Gordon on 07/26/2021 | 1 Minute Read

Take one look at Swear Words' package design for Kura Kura, and you'll instantly feel ready to drop everything, head to the beach, and turn on your Out Of Office email settings. The effervescent tangerine color combined with the radiant turquoise visually tap into the brand's mission of giving its consumers an excuse to decompress and escape. Inspired by the visual cues of modern Bali, it's clear through Kura Kura's packaging that freedom and relaxation are at the root of it all.

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For Kura Kura, we created an identity and packaging that captures the visual cues of modern Bali and the intrinsic attitude and language of Balinese life: freedom, relaxation, escape and compassion.

Brand colours and patterns are inspired by the endemic textiles and iconography of the island. The symbol pays respect to the significance of the ocean coming to land, the flippery fin shapes of marine mammals, and the kites that occupy the expansive blue Balinese sky.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph