Latest KFC Buckets In Costa Rica Support Artisan Community Hurt By COVID

by Rudy Sanchez on 07/22/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Most of us know that the global coronavirus pandemic impacted the service, hospitality, and tourism industries. The negative economic consequences were most evident by the significant losses and layoffs reported by airlines, cruise operators, restaurants, and hotels.

But those businesses and their employees weren't the only ones to see their incomes evaporate as potential guests stay at home. The craftspeople and artisans that sell items to tourists were also hit hard by coronavirus have also been hit economically by the lack of leisure travel globally. Many of these folks are a part of small communities that keep alive some form of crafts and techniques thousands of years old thanks to the tourism trade.

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KFC’s latest buckets in Costa Rica were designed to help some of the pottery artisans in the province of Guanacaste, where the Guaitil community continues the pre-Colombian Chorotega ceramic traditions. They can do this thanks to the trade with tourists that flock to the area for beach holidays. The “Annexation Bucket” promotion, created with agency Havas Costa Rica, consists of 45 unique and handmade clay buckets that get baked in a kiln. Each piece represents a KFC location in Costa Rica and comes in the same shape as the fried chicken receptacles but features gorgeous traditional Chorotega artwork.

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The promotion coincides with Guanacaste Day, a Costa Rican holiday commemorating the annexation of the province. In addition to bringing attention to the Guaitil artisans, KFC Costa Rica is also raising funds via Facebook Live auctions of the buckets, with the proceeds going towards supporting the Guaitil community.

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