El Refugio Created A Mezcal Inspired By Their Restaurant's Décor

by Chloe Gordon on 07/21/2021 | 1 Minute Read

El Refugio is a mexcaleria that transformed into a restaurant, still with Mexcal. As a place designed to create a community gathering point, COVID made it challenging to carry on the tradition. With the help of Dragon Rouge, the brand created a mezcal that customers could enjoy in their own homes. The restaurant's decor inspires the colors, textures, typefaces, and illustrations; plus, the striking green color contrasted against the transparent bottle makes for a showstopping design.

Editorial photograph

El Refugio started as a family restaurant but the pandemic put the entire operation in serious danger. The team needed a brand that would help them make their renowned mezcal directly available for people to enjoy at home. The brand strategy is inspired by the restaurant's décor, local heritage, and artisanal techniques to express the spirit of ElRefugio.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

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