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A Sweet, Sweet Design By Wonderkind For Cookie Dough Company Toto

by Chloe Gordon on 06/22/2021 | 2 Minute Read

There are sommeliers for wine and cheesemongers for cheese, and whatever there is for cookie dough, I'm one of those. Toto's package design is everything you could ever dream of for a sweets company: bright, lively, cheery, and easy-going. Designed by the Austin-based design studio, Wonderkind, the energetic hues of the packaging make this cookie dough carton one that pops out at you in a sea of competitors.

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Previously known as Made By cookies, Toto came to us wanting a bright, lively design that would help the brand excel next to long time leaders in a retail cookie and cookie dough environment, as well as online.

The design is a mix of clean, minimal structure, bright color and bold and playful typography. The true magic of this cookie dough comes from being made of 8 superfood ingredients, so we made this proposition easily distinguishable on all sides of the packaging. We used a lively shade of green to highlight the brands main differentiator and then extended the color application to the ingredient list on the back for easy way-finding.

This project was an absolute joy to bring to life, and now we’re looking forward to help the brand establish a social presence.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph