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New Soft Drink Fantola Is For Generation Z

by Chloe Gordon on 06/11/2021 | 1 Minute Read

Talk about packaging that'll make you smile. Aqualife, designed by Svoe Mnenie Branding Agency, features the brightest turquoise can you've ever seen. Front and center, you'll easily spot quirky illustrations that emit the same sense of joy you feel while cracking open a cold can of soda on a hot summer day. Everything about these cans is bubbly, bright, and sure to make you feel even just a touch more lively.

Editorial photograph

Aqualife, the main expert in the field of traditional family soft drinks on the Russian market, made a decision to widen their portfolio with the brand that would respond to the needs of younger target audience.

As a result of the work done the agency suggested the original design concept of Fantola products. The unique fantasy images made by our illustrators in a collage technique correspond to the main purpose of the campaign, follow current trends (infantilism, irony etc.) and reflect the unusual taste combinations.

In other words, the agency has managed to create a one of kind on the Russian market brand of soft drinks for the younger target audience. Fantola became a trendy attribute of teenagers and has been regularly mentioned on social media.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
  • New soft drink Fantola for generation Z: Designed By:Svoe mnenie branding agency
  • Instagram: @svoe_mnenie_enjoy
  • Creative Director: Andrey Kugaevskikh: Svoe mnenie branding agency
  • Art Director: Yaroslav Zheleznyakov: Svoe mnenie branding agency
  • Client Servise Director: Olga Gnatenko: Svoe mnenie branding agency
  • Account manager: Alina Sarasetdinova: Svoe mnenie branding agency


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