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Ceros Beer Can Generator Channels Your Inner Hipster Craft Brewer

by Rudy Sanchez on 05/07/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Ceros, makers of a cloud-based experiential content creation platform, has published a list of the best-looking beers in America since 2018. With over 8,300 craft breweries in the country, choosing the top 30 beauty queens in the beer industry is no easy feat. 

However, for 2021’s list of brews, Ceros also unveiled a custom beer can generator, a fun poke at some of the design choices that have become a bit cliche or overused at best. 

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The beer can generator is meant as a fun game for beer-lovers to mix and match colors, patterns, and different graphics they’ve no doubt seen countless times on cans they’ve held in their hands over the past year. Simple, solid-colored backgrounds, as well as organic, abstract, and eye-melting gradients, are among some of the generator’s background options. Graphics and choices inspired by nature are also part of the generator, as is a pug wearing shades and a cat blasting beams of light, because why not? Font choices vary from funky to straightforward. Beer styles are as trendy as the rest of the generator options and include hazy IPA, hard seltzer, fruited sour ale, pastry stout, and Czech-style pilsner.

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Spending a little time with Ceros’ was certainly a pleasant and smile-inducing distraction. But it also serves as a trend report of sorts for what beer packaging currently looks like, a handy companion to the best-looking beer report.

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