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Lil Yachty Unveils Crete, the Nail Polish That's Not About What Other People Think

by Rudy Sanchez on 05/05/2021 | 2 Minute Read

As humans, we enjoy personalizing and customizing our appearance. So much so that some folks make permanent changes to their appearance, while others pay real money for digital customization of their electronic form in video games. The reasons vary, including demonstrating creativity and individuality. Plus, you know, it's fun.

A popular way to add flair to one’s style is by personalizing fingernails through painting. It can be a simple monochromatic coat of paint or elaborate patterns and 3D finishes that are more about form than function. In some parts of the US, however, men are expected to keep their fingernails unadorned, leaving this sort of personal expression the exclusive domain of women, save for the occasional counter subculture. 

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Recording artist Lil Yachty wants to help remove that stigma around men decorating their nails with a new unisex line of paint called Crete.

The first collection for the rapper-helmed cosmetics line is called NEGATIVES 001 and includes three neutral matte tones packaged in clever clicker art pen cases with a button at the top that deploys the nail brush. The brand name comes in the contained color within the bottle, similar to the illustrated logo of the musician.

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Late last year, Lil Yachty told TMZ about the nail polish line, describing it as unisex but also as an opportunity to let men express themselves through their nails without judgment.

“It’s unisex, but I want it to be more focused on for men to use it and to be more comfortable in their own skin," he said at the time. "Because, bro, it’s 2020, you know what I’m saying? Like it’s about to be 2021—come on, what are barriers? We still have barriers?”

NEGATIVES 001 drops May 21st.

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