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Decompress With Tyme Out

by Chloe Gordon on 05/05/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Thyme Out is a botanical fizz that allows you to decompress without feeling sluggish. The brand needed to redesign its packaging so customers could understand the advantages of the product from the packaging alone. Thanks to the new design that unmistakably stands out on the shelf, consumers can clearly see from the whimsically illustrated botanicals and naturally inspired pastel tones that this drink is different from others in the best way possible.

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?A drink that gives you a break from everyday life, lets you relax without getting tired or feeling intoxicated (due to the effect of the natural herbs).

It belongs to a new type of product niche in the German-speaking world, which makes it all the more difficult for the potential target group to understand this product. The benefits have not yet been learned, there are no reference products. An additional difficulty was to stand out from conventional simple lemonades on the one hand and not to be compared or possibly confused with the opposite energy drinks on the other.

The problem with the rebranding of the old product was that the necessary product information was not ideally legible. Furthermore, the USP - its effect and benefit - was not highlighted or explained. The potential customer might not have felt picked up, he did not know what made the drink so special. In addition, the product did not stand out, it was lost on the shelf.

The problem was solved as follows: With a new, explanatory international wording, supported with the help of illustrative herbs (ingredients) and natural pastel colours (health aspect through naturalness), the problem was additionally solved in the visuals. At first glance, it is now recognisable and readable what kind of drink it is, what flavour one can expect based on the herbs. All in all, it now describes the benefit and effect at first glance.

The doodle comic style in the design connects its target group in a charming, modern and emotional way and thus gets a great recognition value, which can be scientifically proven.

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Editorial photograph
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