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Featured image for Conceptual Snobby Knobby Takes The Classic Whisky Drinker On A Unique Adventure

Conceptual Snobby Knobby Takes The Classic Whisky Drinker On A Unique Adventure

by Chloe Gordon on 05/03/2021 | 3 Minute Read

If you know anyone that loves whiskey, I'm sure you're well aware that it has something of a cult following. I say that in the most endearing way possible. I think it might have something to do with the fact that it can be made in so many ways, such as in barrel type, aging time, and distillation techniques. Pavla Chuykina & Galima Akhmetzyanova have conceptualized the packaging for Snobby Knobby that completely rethinks the norm. The packaging alone takes the consumer on a special adventure that's bound to be enjoyed by all. The illustration design is intricate, and, in combination with the rich blue hues, picturing the classic whisky drinker pouring themselves a glass of this single malt doesn't take too much imagination. It's regal, sophisticated, and stunningly modern.

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Whisky is like a religion and there are people who follow it rigorously. They can wax philosophical about Scottish terroir and Kentucky's limestone water. They have strong opinions about single malts versus blends. They own every limited release from their favorite distillery, and they wouldn't dare settle for well whisky drinks. Snobby Knobby likes to fancy himself a Whisky Snob. He does not like whisky — he loves whisky. He worships whiskey. He would bath in whiskey if he didn’t think that filling a bathtub with whisky would be a waste of good liquor. Yet, he believes in Blended Malts to unlock an exciting and vibrant dynamic shift in Contemporary Whisky attitude.

Snobby Knobby Whisky aims to create a fun and special journey, enjoyed by as many people as possible in all its forms. Blended whisky is where most people start their whisky journey. About 90% of whisky sales around the world are being blends. Yet, for some reason, single malt still falls into an elite, rarefied category for a certain kind of whisky drinker. It conjures up images of serious men in tweed thoughtfully sniffing their Glencairn glasses around a roaring fire as they comment on notes of toasted nutmeg and candied fruit. The concept that whisky is too complicated for everyone to understand and should be tasted by following a series of ridiculous steps that remove all joy from the experience is crumbling.

Single malts are complex spirits built around flavor nuances derived from every step of production, from malting to fermentation to distillation to maturation. But while you can and should take whisky seriously if you choose, there is no reason anyone should feel intimidated by a bottle. Whisky is meant to be enjoyed, after all, and it absolutely should be inclusive. The idea of this design concept revolved around a door knob as a promise of opening a new chapter in creative whisky blends. The bottle shape refers to a door with multiple locks. Each one is to represent the uniqueness of our consumers.

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