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A Homage To The Home Of Polo: Royal Salute, The Polo Estancia Edition

by Chloe Gordon on 05/19/2021 | 3 Minute Read

Royal Salute's packaging was designed to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Boundless Brand Design has created this second special edition to celebrate Argentine polo to illustrate the rich history and legacy of the art of the sport. The regal colors of ruby reds, sunset-inspired oranges, and creamy pinks deliver a warm, luxurious product line while simultaneously describing the Argentinian panorama and profound cultures of polo. The bottle itself is a work of art, and the terracotta shade paired with the gold foil is thoroughly remarkable.

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?The second Royal Salute Polo edition designed by Boundless Brand Design celebrates the iconic mecca of polo, Argentina.

Royal Salute was created to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 and has a longstanding affinity with polo, the sport of kings. The perfect partner for this iconic whisky, Royal Salute looked to create this special edition championing iconic Argentine polo. Since its first polo match in 1875, Argentina has become the much loved, ‘home of polo’. Enthusiastically embracing and adopting the sport, its popularity never faltering, Royal Salute wanted to pay tribute to the homeland of the sport’s elite players and legendary estancias.

A beautifully bespoke 21-year-old blend, fully finished in the finest Argentine Malbec casks, this elegant proposition needed to showcase the shared values between Royal Salute and Argentine Polo, heroing skill, honour and grace.

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The design brief was to create a proposition that illustrated the history, legacy and art of Argentine polo, depicting the strong equestrian tradition with its Gaucho culture. With rolling planes and mountains, the ideal setting for a game of polo, the outer pack is adorned with sunset scenes and the grassy expanse that make estancias so iconic. The interior continues to highlight the unique beauty of Argentina, giving a view from inside of the estancia looking out at the game. With a warm orange flagon, this iconic offering continues to be reflective of the grand architecture, spectacular scenery and towering eucalyptus.

With stunning bespoke illustrations, vibrant terracotta reds and rich oranges, Boundless have truly showcased the stunning landscape of Argentina and the great culture that surrounds the game. Royal Salute will take you to the perfect place to enjoy a polo match under the warmth of the Argentinian sun. These beautiful details are further brought to life off pack in a brand world toolkit and evocative key visuals.

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Hamish Shand, Founder and Creative Director, says; “Following the launch of the highly successful Snow Polo Edition, we were thrilled to tell the story of the inspiring Argentine Estancias. A haven for polo players and travellers alike, we wanted to showcase the rich tradition of both Royal Salute and Argentine Polo, creating a new edition that continues to tap into Royal Salute’s awe and wonder. Driving premium cues, we created a pack that not only delivers warm luxury on shelf but that also maintains the authenticity and grandeur that has made Royal Salute so favoured.”

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph


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