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Woke&Grand Redesigns Ceylon Luxury Wellness Teas And Spices

by Chloe Gordon on 05/12/2021 | 3 Minute Read

The exotic taste of Sri Lankan cuisine shines through on Ceyluxe's exclusive line of teas and spices. With the help of the design-centric branding agency Woke&Grand, Ceyluxe's packaging proves the feeling of a rich heritage of royalty and luxury. The design elements feature intricate copper drawings inspired by designs of traditional masks and crafts. The logo is a booming elephant in the formation of the letter "C." It's no exaggeration that each product's packaging is based on conventional craftsmanship and represents genuinely distinctive features.

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The Challenge & Background

Ceyluxe is a wellness brand that celebrates old Ceylon’s luxury and wellness steeped in the island’s rich culture and heritage.

Ceyluxe approached us with the idea of launching an exclusive line of teas and spices for the US market that brings out the exotic taste of Sri Lanka cuisine and herbals. The products are 100% locally sourced and produced. The brand works with local farmers and small business to get the best ingredients for their products as well as supporting their livelihoods. The products vary from different herbal teas to curry pastes that capture the essence of Sri Lanka’s finest cuisine.

The client needed a unique approach to the packaging design that made the product line stand out compared to similar products in the market as well as depicting the luxurious and regal era of Ceylon.

The Solution

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The objective of packaging design is to give the customer the feeling of Ceylon’s rich heritage of royalty and luxury. Therefore the packaging design for each product is based on a traditional Ceylon handcraft that signifies unique features of the product.

During late 1800 and early 1900 Sri Lanka has had an immense influence of victorian arts and crafts and these were exclusively famous among upper class and royals. Therefore the concept of Regal Ceylon is to depict and bring back the essence of old Ceylon through the brand and products of Ceyluxe.

The logo is a combination of traditional Sri Lankan symbols and motifs with characteristics of victorian design elements. The logo is a flourishing elephant in the formation of letter C. Elephant is considered a royal animal in Sri Lanka. Therefore, the flourishing elephant signifies the rebirth of Ceylon royalty and pride.

Healing Herbals: Designs for herbal tea line is inspired by design elements of traditional masks. Masks in Sri Lanka have long been used in healing ceremonies. Elaborately crafted, the masks’ mystical powers come alive during ritual performances in a collision of dance, drums and chanting. They were, and continue to be used to cure numerous maladies, ranging from bodily ailments to more perplexing afflictions of the psyche and soul.

Curry Artistry: Designs for curry pastes line is inspired by designs elements of Laksha crafts. Laksha, referring to Sri Lanka’s lacquer craft, and the technique dates back many millennia, extracting a waxy residue in tree bark left by an insect species, to which pigment is combined and applied, giving the coated object a naturally varnished, vibrant look. There was very little that Laksha could not embellish, and in ancient times, was applied on every conceivable material, from wood to ivory, to pottery, horns, shells, and even clothes. Laksha designs were adapted from motifs seen in the walls of palaces and temples, with red, yellow, and black being a favourite colour combination

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  • Designed By:: Woke&Grand
  • Instagram: @wokeandgrand
  • Creative Director:: Premuditha Perera (Preshky)
  • Copywriter:: Sushanthi Dissanayake


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