Inspired By His Mom and Her Tasty Pepper Sauce, Roofeeo Launches Jah Mama

by Rudy Sanchez on 05/12/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Many have taken up a new hobby or picked up long-since ignored interests over the past year. Many revolved around the kitchen, learning to cook new dishes, or recreating family favorites from memory, especially if it’s the recipe of a loved one who has since passed. Musician Jahphet Landis, known professionally as Roofeeo, spent much of his quarantine on the latter, looking to recreate his mother’s “pepper sauce,” a spicy condiment he remembers fondly from his childhood.

Well, it looks like he finally landed on the tasty concoction, and he's now selling it as Jah Mama Sauce.

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“I was inspired to reinvent my own blend of my mother's pepper sauce during quarantine as a way to connect with home and to celebrate and honor the life of my mama," Roofeeo explained in a press release. "What makes Jah Mama unique is the Latin Caribbean soul, the story, and the celebration of family and culture behind it, not to mention the potent kick of spice that will bring any food to life.”

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The branding and visual identity for Jah Mama, by artist and designer Pres Rodriguez, is driven by bold and colorful graphics that combine the Caribbean-Panamian roots of the sauce and its founder, seasoned with some funky retro type treatment to boot. The label is exciting and enticing, and the red flower at the center of the logo gets cleverly surrounded by the brand’s name in vegetal tones of green and yellow. Packaged in clear bottles, Jah Mama’s logo gets complemented by the sauce’s orange hue.

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Jah Mama is visually warm and inviting with a unique throwback flair with an NYC bodega vibe. The bottle is bright and bold, on-point for a hot sauce looking to break through a crowded marketplace. The flower at the center of the logo blooms up proudly, projecting a feminine strength and evocative of a mother’s love.

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