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Post Malone Drop a New Maison No. 9 Bottle and Some Merch

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/06/2021 | 2 Minute Read

What is Post Malone? One could say he is a musical artist, but few people, including Mr. Austin Post, are defined solely by occupation. No, Post Malone is a thing, a reflection of contemporary pop culture, warts, face tats, and all. While musicians have a background that lends their work a core of authenticity Post Malone absorbs culture, being whatever it is that he needs to be, simultaneously being a little bit of everything while also being of little original substance. In his latest endeavor, the Dallas-suburb-raised Malone brings that signature aesthetic to Maison No. 9, the rosé he launched in 2020 (which, by the way, sold out in just two days).

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This year’s release features a new bottle design. The bottle’s shape remains mostly the same, and as does the core tarot card sword, but the copy gets tightened up, and the visually incongruent French flag is now removed. Typography is more subtle while still retaining the same Hot Topic edginess. If last year’s design is a self-administered tattoo with a second-hand machine, this year’s bottle label is a free practice tat’ from a budding apprentice.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Along with this year’s wine, Maison No. 9 is also releasing a line of Maison No. 9 and Post Malone branded sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hats. The rosé and swag drop April 8th, 2021, at noon EDT at Maison9Wine.com/pages/2021-launch.

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