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Even India Rose Spa Water Candle's Packaging Will Relax You

by Chloe Gordon on 04/21/2021 | 1 Minute Read

Best Studio has designed the packaging for India Rose's Spa Water candle that will inspire you to just sit back and breathe. The pastel color palette is soft and relaxing pairing perfectly with the rosemary, mint, and citrus scents within the candle. The tile pattern within the inside of the packaging creates an unexpected whimsical detail along with the green foil on top of the green label and box. It's perfectly coordinated. I don't know about you, but this packaging is inspiring me to sit back, relax, and burn this candle while taking a long hot bubble bath. 

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India Rose is a local boutique that houses the best of natural beauty, where self care rituals aren’t just a weekly occurrence but a daily necessity. The goal was to create a candle reminiscent of relaxing spa day. Soft pastels compliment the scent, with coloured foil adding a layer of luxury, and the classic tile pattern lining the inside packaging. Pamper yourself and light a little R&R.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
  • India Rose Spa Water Candle: Designed By:Best Studio
  • Instagram: @_beststudio
  • Creative Director: Mariko Whitley: Best Studio
  • Creative Director: Sami Christianson: Best Studio


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