The Monogram Company Founded By Jay-Z In Partnership With Caliva

by Chloe Gordon on 04/20/2021 | 3 Minute Read

There's luxury, and then there's cannabis luxury. The two are similar, but the difference lies within a higher sense of purpose if you catch my drift. Founded by Jay-Z in partnership with Caliva and designed by Ammunition, Monogram is a luxury cannabis company whose packaging exists to be universally respected through its industrial and sleek all-black design. The minimal palette combined with the structural logotype creates an essence of pure confidence. Monogram's positioned for everyone, from the connoisseur to the mainstream, thanks to the attention to detail, editorial eye, and unmistakable commitment to the brand.  

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Founded by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter in partnership with Caliva, Monogram exists to produce luxury cannabis experiences defined by dignity, care and consistency. In addition to the core product business, the organization acts on social justice issues surrounding legalization, pushing for equitable economic opportunity in the cannabis industry. We worked alongside Monogram’s founders to design and deliver the brand’s strategy, identity, product portfolio, messages and image.

Taking inspiration from the founders’ personal histories and aspirations for creating both product excellence and social activism, our team began the process of transforming the business concept into a tangible reality by uncovering and articulating Monogram’s deeply held beliefs and higher sense of purpose. As a result, commitments to enabling dignity and crafting “products that can be universally respected; from the connoisseur to the mainstream, from high to low.” became our collective guides for creative development.

In response, we created a brand identity system and visual approach that immediately signals a departure from the category’s stoney norms. From the carefully sculpted logotype to the minimal type palette and quiet approach to layout and fine art-inspired photography, the system conveys solemn confidence, painstaking craft, bold intentions, and an extreme commitment to detail. From an editorial perspective, the identity system is meant to create an environment that elevates products to the heights they deserve while at the same creating a container capable of highlighting conversations with like-minded activists, artists, and leaders who through their own work draw connections between cannabis, wellbeing, justice, creativity and opportunity.

When it came to the industrial and graphic design of packaging, we were tasked with creating an uncompromising brand experience for multiple product lines and formats, while at the same time elegantly navigating regulatory, safety, manufacturing and fulfillment goals. The resulting system for flower and pre-roll product formats combines the brand identity’s black-on-black graphic approach with precision-made custom jars, tubes, packs, VIP sets and shipping structures. The packaging creates a striking physical presence for the brand that is at once substantial, understated and gift-worthy.

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