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by Chloe Gordon on 04/20/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Release the tension shoulders, unclench your jaw, and let your cheeks relax.

House of Wise is a luxury, full-spectrum brand for stress, sex, and sleep that's natural, gluten-free, and ethically sourced. But, not only are the products good for you, they're bottled in the most gorgeous and simplistic containers that will inspire a more wholesome and carefree lifestyle. The colorless designs are intended to inspire you to bring more color to your day-to-day lifestyle in a way that's not obvious or cliche. The boxes are decorated with a light pattern but aren't extravagant. This brand is simple, to the point, and practical, just like their products so relax, and let the CBD take over.

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Hey there! Amanda here. 

I founded House of Wise after realizing the potential of CBD oil in my own life. And despite what you might assume, I wasn’t always totally on board with CBD. 

Until recently, I had never used any cannabis products. In fact, I was born in a conservative Midwest home and I'm a former group-fitness instructor, marathoner, and overall health nut. But over the past two years, I’ve navigated a divorce, been a working mom to three littles, and focused on my marketing career as VP at a major wedding industry brand. Oh, and #pandemic. Talk about a full plate.

That’s when I turned to CBD out of desperation. It truly changed my life. CBD brought me calm and focus in difficult times that years of therapy couldn’t touch (CBD + therapy is the winning combo!). 

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I want to share my experience with other badass women so they can do the same, with a supportive community backing them.

Much of the world still has a stigma around cannabis products (aka CBD and THC). On the flip side, there is no stigma around alcohol, which has negative effects on your sleep cycles. I am on a mission to change this and empower women to take control of their sleep, sex, stress, and wealth with House of Wise. 

I believe women are too often put in a "box" we can't get out of. I want to help other women overcome and bring awareness to the stigmas we are up against, including living life on your own terms and building the life, and financial independence, you deserve. 

It’s time to rise. We are Wise Women.

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