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Snob: A Story Full Of Bubbles And Superiority By The BrandHouse

by Chloe Gordon on 04/12/2021 | 2 Minute Read

We've all met a wine snob or two in our lives, but have you ever met the wine, Snob? In all its glory, it's a premium wine that may joke it's notably perseverant as to how it exposes its truth. With light illustrations and an italicized logo on the packaging, the pink of the rose can shine through; it's understated perfectly. The entire experience of this wine is expressed through perfect packaging that will bring you a giggle through the name and the illustrations that are full of snobby characters. Bottoms up, snobs.

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We came across the creation of a new brand for the new rosé sparkling wine of WINERY MONSIEUR NICOLAS. This new amazing, sparkling wine addresses to demanding wine lovers all over the world.

The subtle, sensitive characteristics of the Limnionas grape variety, the fine taste, the eclectic aromas, the vivid pink color and the bubble effect of the wine revealed its extremely aristocratic profile.

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Snob. A rather controversial name designed in such a way that it stands out and is at the same time deconstructed, recognizing that the meaning of things lies in their disruption. The same applies for the several characters that illustrate the packaging: through a humorous, self-sarcastic, satirical approach, the interpretation of the word Snob defies its own meaning, revealing the heart of a premium wine that may joke and provoke but is quite perseverant as to how it is exposing its truth.

The subtleness and the pureness of this wine are expressed through the lettering and design of the logo and the packaging, bringing modernity and classicism together in harmony and making the fascinating pink color dominant while the artwork is the true protagonist.

The experience of this sparkling wine is expressed through a packaging that brings a smile to the face of the consumer at first sight, starting from the name and completed with the funny illustrations of the snobbish characters.

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Editorial photograph


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