The Future Is Bright With Naked Sundays

by Chloe Gordon on 04/12/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Sunscreen packaging is often monotonous and dry, and that's where Naked Sunday comes in. They know about the essential things in life. Whether it's making SPF that's good for your skin or packaging that's too good to be true; they're pros. Naked Sunday's packaging is in a perfect purple hue with a holographic logo to match, and the packaging is the ideal size to throw into any bag for any occasion. The future is looking bright in the sunscreen category.

Editorial photograph

Transforming SPF into a must-have accessory for the insta-generation, Naked Sundays set out with a mission to capture the hearts & imaginations of millennials, while providing high performance, antioxidant -infused vegan, cruelty free sunscreen. Inspired by millennial hues with pops of holographic logos, we are made in Australia using native Australian extracts. Good for your skin & looks great in your handbag and on your shelfie.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
  • Making high performance SPF cool and insta-worthy!: Designed By:Ashleigh Brewer / RVKL Creative
  • Instagram: @naked_sundays
  • Ashleigh Brewer; Concept design, packaging: Ashleigh Brewer / RVKL Creative
  • Ruth Vukovic, production, accessories: Ashleigh Brewer / RVKL Creative
  • Photographer: Marissa Alden Creative: Ashleigh Brewer / RVKL Creative
  • Photographer: Sarah Ellen: Ashleigh Brewer / RVKL Creative


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