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Dolly Parton Collab With Jeni's Crashes Site

by Bill McCool on 04/12/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Kim Kardashian breaking the internet is so 2014. But Dolly Parton ice cream? Now there’s a genuine island in the stream.

Jeni’s announced last month that they were collaborating with the everyday hero and Moderna vaccine funder on an exclusive ice cream flavor—Strawberry Pretzel Pie—benefiting her Imagination Library, a non-profit program that gives free books to kids from the time they’re born to 5-years old. This limited-edition flavor, however, is no coat of many colors. Instead, it’s a trio of cream cheese ice cream, pretzel streusel, and plenty of strawberry sauce.

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However, Jeni’s customers that saved all their nickels and dimes were in for a bit of a heartbreaker when the ice cream purveyor’s site crashed, garnering 50 times the usual web traffic when they started selling the tasty frozen treat. The sweet agony had many packing it up, leaving Jeni’s to apologize to frustrated consumers for only making 10,000 of the pints.

Those lucky to score the new ice cream were treated to a veritable eye feast, as designers worked from nine to five, extending the cursive Jeni’s wordmark to the rest of the text on the ice cream carton. Additionally, adorable illustrations of strawberries and pretzels round out the design as if to almost ask, “why’d you come in here looking like that?” Regardless, it's sure to leave you hungry again, just like a repeat viewing of Rhinestone.

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As of this writing, there’s no news whether you can buy it at your local bargain store, just the worldwide interwebs. Anywho, don’t be a dumb blonde—pay close attention to Jeni’s social media accounts, as ice cream flavors like this only come around once in a very blue moon.

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