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Fiesta Announces Street Food-Inspired Flavored Condoms

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/01/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Novelty condoms with ridiculously wild features are nothing new. Some are intended to be purely a curiosity item that’s mostly going to elicit giggles from middle schoolers from the back of a Spencer’s. Some come in fun colors, have different textures, or topical medications intended to delay orgasm. Then there are flavored condoms, which try to offset the taste of latex. Usually, the flavors are fruity and sweet.

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But condom brand Fiesta is taking spicing up the bedroom literally, unveiling condoms outside the usual strawberry and cherry rubbers, finding inspiration in street food staples. The first new flavor, iced coffee, will pair well with the “Mi Goreeeng” condoms, the latter sporting packaging inspired by the well-known Indomie brand of instant noodles. The tagline, roughly translated with an assist from Google, “discover the sensation of lovemaking with distinctive Indonesian spice,” is a concept that pushes the expectations when it comes to flavored prophylactics.

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Lastly, Fiesta announced another savory offering, spicy cimol, aka fried tapioca balls topped with chili powder. While it might not seem like the most sensual of flavors, spiced, fried balls of starch can certainly hit a spot. Plus, Fiesta is not a stranger to experimenting with condom flavors, offering durian along with the more ordinary flavors like strawberry, grape, banana, and bubble gum, for example.

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