New Study Finds Coffee Beans Beat Burgers When It Comes To Drive-Thru

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/30/2021 | 2 Minute Read

There was a time when having a cup of coffee away from home involved tables, waiters, and silverware. Even beyond the diners of yesterday, in factories and offices, we refer to the temporary pause of work as a “coffee break.” Well, a new study commissioned by UK-based firm Pentagon Motor Group casts our java in a different light, with coffee chains taking top spots in drive-thru popularity.

In the US, Americans are more drawn to the siren’s song than the follies of the redheaded hamburger harlequin. Starbucks is now America’s most popular drive-thru chain, followed by McDonald’s, another significant player in the bean juice game, selling over 500 million cups every year. Another coffee giant, Dunkin, comes in third. The Seattle-based coffee chain was also the most searched for drive-thru on Google by state. Mickey D’s tops the chart in Starbucks’ home state of Washington, Mississippi, Georgia, and Delaware. 

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In Florida, Chick-fil-A rules the drive-thru roost because Florida.

And how did they reach that conclusion? It’s all about the Google, and the firm found more than 18 million searches looking for a Starbucks drive-thru, far more than even McDonald’s.

Drive-thru has always been a popular option for diners on-the-go, but it isn’t just burgers and fries driving people to the order window. As it turns out, Americans would rather pull up for their cup of joe instead of parking the car and going inside. If COVID-inspired consumer trends such as increased use of drive-thrus, which some brands are betting on, coffee breaks at work might involve a set of car keys.

The USA’s Top 10 Most Popular Drive-Thrus  

  1. Starbucks  
  1. McDonald’s 
  1. Dunkin’ Donuts 
  1. Panda Express 
  1. Subway 
  1. Panera 
  1. Dairy Queen 
  1. Popeyes 
  1. Taco Bell 
  1. Chipotle 

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