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Betr Is A New Medicine Brand That Wants To Improve The OTC Experience

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/26/2021 | 2 Minute Read

We can resolve some of what ails us with a quick trip to the Over-The-Counter (OTC) part of the drug store. Or at least that's the way it's supposed to be, with overflowing shelves of products from different brands and different formulations that all promise to do the same thing. And there’s no way to really know anything about the manufacturer from the box.

Co-founders Livio Bisterzo and Jen Hoffman saw a need for a new brand of FDA-approved OTC medications that takes the confusion out of shopping for common drugs and also gives back to those in need. That's why they created Betr.

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Betr’s branding system from JKR is exquisitely simple, and medication types get sorted by color, launching with allergy, pain, and sleep OTC medications in green, yellow, and purple, respectively. The packaging pulls a Joe Friday, laying out just the facts in a clear manner so you can mentally—and quickly—download information regarding what’s important, including a picture of the pill. Typography shines, and the organic, rounded fonts inspire a comfortable familiarity that bolsters the brand’s credibility. The logo is mostly a wordmark with an additional flourish that turns the B into a heart.

"With Betr, our brief was to help Green Park deliver on its vision to create a brand that genuinely improved the consumer experience with every interaction," says Stephen McDavid, creative director at JKR.

"The category, in general, is cold, cluttered, and often confusing. So we created a brand that is human, easy to shop, and challenges established codes," he adds. "The brand identity is ruthlessly simple and uncomplicated, blending distinctive assets like the Betr monogram with vibrant pops of positive color and a naive illustration style. All of this combined allows Betr to cut through the noise while feeling efficacious and trustworthy, providing better remedies for everyone.”

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For every medication bundle, Betr provides Americans in need with access to necessary medication. According to the brand, 50 million people in the US can’t afford access to prescription medications they need. As a result, safe and usable medicine ends up in the landfills and 70% of waterways.

Betr is available directly from BetrRemedies.com.

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