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Products That Will Bring You Nothing But Good Juju

by Alianne Valladares-Prieto on 03/23/2021 | 3 Minute Read

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What if you could shop for health and wellness products knowing that you’d get nothing but good juju in return? What if this product was sustainably sourced and packaged so that you’d feel good with what you were using, not just from a health standpoint, but from an environmental one?

Good Juju contracted Arirhtmetic to develop an appealing identity that would communicate the ethos of the brand, while standing out on shelves in a chic and modern light. The plastic-free products boast a sleek design, highlighted by arches and simplistic, natural colors. Everything about these products screams clean and light. 

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Good Juju lives in synergy with the patterns of the universe to transpire magical transformations. 

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The brand positioning for Good Juju is that of an agent for change. At the core, they are constantly balancing two opposing halves: the spiritual and the scientific. At the heart of this wellness brand is an undying longing to understand the scientific and spiritual forces of our world. This longing attracts an immensely powerful light of a very high vibration into the heart of the brand. The brand’s guiding light is to live in accordance with basic patterns of the universe, so that magical transformations can result. The brand’s purpose is to embrace knowledge and the flow of the universe, gathering elements from both halves to spur transformation. In tune with positive vibrations, the brand uses its powers for good. Given room to work its magic, the world around it will be transformed for the better. 

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The image mark emotes this brand ethos at the core — two human figures representing the harmony between science and spirituality and the possibility that this union combines, for an infinite expression of cosmic change. 

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Good Juju believes that this is a pivotal moment for our planet and that the actions we take in the coming years will impact the quality of future our children will experience. With this sentiment in mind, every element of the brand has been carefully crafted to lessen its environmental impact, with the intention of transforming the world for the betterone step at a time. 

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The visual and tactile language was designed to reflect the female founder’s ethos on every touch point. A rich, earthy color palette symbolizes the brand's deep-rooted connection to nature. 

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The materiality of the packaging was intentionally selected for a lighter environmental impact, a reflection of the plastic-free, waterless, compostable collection of shampoo and conditioner bars which are enclosed in a millboard sleeve, wrapped in an FSC-certified, uncoated stock. The millboard core is a waste by-product of the paper manufacturing process, deepening the repurposing of paper and waste. The sleeve surrounds an inner tray made from non-GMO biodegradable corn foam which is at-home compostable and dissolvable in water, which literally dissolves down the kitchen drain. This green cell corn foam is a packaging replacement that one can compost, dissolve in water, or simply wash down the sink. When all package assets are combined, the total set is 82% compostable and 18% paper recyclable.

Typographic details and graphic elements are organized using the golden ratio to ensure a harmonic balance and express a connection to the scientific beauty found within nature. These elements work together to emote the sustainably centered ethos and high quality of the brand.

  • Designed By: Arirhtmetic
  • Instagram: @arithmeticcreative
  • Creative Director & Designer:: Margherita Porrà
  • Designer: Rachel Sanvido
  • Designer: Lindsey Hampton
  • Production Manager: Elizabeth Vegh


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