Branding For Ruby Hibiscus Water Is A Red Fever Dream

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/22/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Throughout the world, folks enjoy hibiscus beverages, whether consumed hot or cold. People celebrate the deep red drink for its slightly sweet and tart, cherry-like flavor, and it's thought to have some health benefits, such as lowering hypertension. But the founder of the recently launched beverage brand Ruby, Noah Wunsch, was looking for something to lessen his sugar cravings.

“I’ve always had a ravenous sweet tooth, and it was leading to these insane crashes, so I began researching food and beverages that have zero sugar but are naturally sweet. Immediately hibiscus stood out to me as a wonderful alternative, as it’s packed with health benefits, and its tart flavor profile is underserved for our palettes,” Wunsch said via press release.

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The beverage has a single ingredient, a blend of hibiscus. Ruby is sugar-free, zero-calorie (or very lightly sweetened), vegan, organic, kosher, and ketogenic. The branding is a far cry from the typical health food aesthetic, opting for a fun, artistic, and slightly psychedelic. Funky type dominates the stout, glass bottles that evoke memories of glass Snapple and Gatorade packaging.

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The design direction is thanks to agency Talmor & Talmor & Talmor, and branding includes the wonderful “Rubyverse” illustrated by Sharmila Banerjee. Ruby is available now at Whole Foods,, and at

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