Starbucks Celebrates its 50th Anniversary With New Blend

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/02/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Global coffee chain Starbucks is, by now, familiar to pretty much everyone. By the 1990s, folks spoke about the brand in the same breath as tech giants like Microsoft, and its rapid expansion was the subject of much satire. This year, Starbucks turns 50, and little resembles the original small bean roaster run by three friends from college. It’s no wonder that the coffee chain would mark the occasion with an exclusive roast.

The chain has offered an Anniversary blend since 1996, and this year’s iteration harkens back to the brand’s roots with an exclusive Indonesian coffee. The bags are a soothing meadow green and feature an illustration of the siren, depicted with a subtle irradiance that makes her long hair shimmer on the front. Her emotionless face stares straight at the viewer, and the siren is holding a coffee tree branch in her hands.

Editorial photograph

The Anniversary blend is listed far below the news of Starbucks’ latest spring rollout announcement, which includes the addition of Oatly oat milk to the chain’s non-dairy options, along with super-bright and super-ready-for-social-media iced drinks.

Editorial photograph

One would think that Starbucks would mark its 50th birthday with a bit more pomp and circumstance and a touch more opulence with 2021’s Anniversary blend. Maybe at 50, Starbucks decided birthdays aren’t that big a deal anymore, or perhaps it’s playing it down while store-level partners continue to literally face COVID on the frontlines. Either way, 2021’s design is more austere than we’ve seen in the past.

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