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Lost At Sea Has Packaging That's Both Nautical And Nice

by Chloe Gordon on 03/15/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Society Studios was tasked to create a visual language, naming convention, and branding for Lost At Sea Brewing Co. that would easily stand out on the shelf. Not a simple task when the beer market is so saturated. Because Lost At Sea has such a nautical flare, the identity is rooted in it. Whether the font on the can is inspired by how you'll feel after drinking a few of these beers or by waves themselves, I adore it. The simple packaging will stand out on the shelf as many beer brands have turned away from the minimalistic approach.

Lost At Sea Brewing Co commissioned Leeds-based Society Studios to develop a visual language, naming convention and brand that would help them stand out in the crowded craft beer market. With imaginative packaging fast becoming the new normal in this sector, Society Studios’ challenge was to find a way to make waves for Lost At Sea that was true to the product yet would appeal to potential punters.

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Founded by brothers Mike and Oli and inspired by their grandfather’s tales of seaside life and nautical daring-do, Lost at Sea captures the spirit of adventure shown by generations of mariners. Each brew - from their flagship IPA to their core range and limited editions – has a unique character while sharing a balanced, flavoursome and highly drinkable quality.

Taking their cue from Lost At Sea’s nautical fascination, Society Studio’s first step was to develop a wordmark, graphic device and pack design that would grab attention on a supermarket shelf. The result features fluid typographical manipulation inspired by the distortion created by water. There’s a disorientating, almost trippy feel to the wordmark that demands a closer look, amplified by a colour palette drawn from the beach, sea and sky.

Each beer in the tightly edited launch range has its own unique can design, imbuing each brew with individual personality while establishing a strong family resemblance and leaving plenty of space for special editions.

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