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It's MYCOFFEEWORLD, You're Just Living In It

by Alianne Valladares-Prieto on 03/10/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Pascal Schlittler Marketing Services was contracted by MYCOFFEEWORLD to design an attention-grabbing design and logo. Using inversion techniques, they played around with the typography’s format to shed light on the coffee brand’s multifaceted nature and global themes. Metallic, respectively colorful pouches serve to further set the brand apart with elegance and style, while maintaining a sense of modernity with the typeface and use of ‘my’ as a pattern on each bag’s side. 

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The creative choice of the brand "MY coffee world" is based on an elegant, pure, modern, and timeless design, which corresponds to each exotic destination and the uniqueness of coffee.

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The typographic choice of MY is deliberately modern and imposing to break the codes. The color of each package refers to the variety and country of origin. The "MY" logo is the most beautiful way to take ownership of the world around one’s coffee experience and the whole universe of flavors, tastes, colors, travels that are associated with it. We chose an upside-down "Y" and a mirror-inverted "coffee”, as if we wanted to imagine that the logo is readable from all corners of the globe.

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This universality of coffee is supported by a baseline "best roasters worldwide" and a golden pictogram of a coffee bean constituting the earth, following our concept to select the best coffee products in the world. A tag surrounds the top of the pack to bring elegance and a raw and authentic side, as well as the different stages of coffee processing, represented by three pictograms.

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A QR code is present on the back. Simply scan it to find out all about these Grand Crus coffees, origins, producers, roasting profiles, sustainability, sourcing programs, and much more. A gas-free sealed and layered bag ensures the best-of-breed packaging solution available. The patented valve further ensures an extraordinary shelf life. Finally, we've extended this experience into videos of our signature coffee, which will transport you to the dream world of coffee, MYCOFFEEWORLD.


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