Why Order Out? You Can Always Cook Home

by Shawn Binder on 02/04/2021 | 2 Minute Read

It’s not every day you happen upon a bottle of sauce wearing an apron. This bottle looks like it should have its own Food Network show and a few published cookbooks.

Mouse Graphics decided to take the road less traveled when they came up with the design concepts for the new Cook Home sauce labels. Alluding to humble, stay-at-home dinners and the simple steps it takes to make them, the familiar and quintessential symbol of an apron makes for a good first impression.

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Our task was to create the packaging and logo for a brand that makes special marinade sauces for various homemade dishes. Where sauces are typically considered supplemental, and thus generally packaged in cans or jars that suggest the notion of adding to a dish after being prepared, our goal was to convey a unique recipe and its potential from the get-go. 

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The array of sauces feature a natural mix of ingredients, with no preservatives of any kind. A label’s design should narrate a brand’s intention. So we opted for a glass bottle that can be dressed for the occasion with a traditional apron. Colored with “stains” that incite a familiar feeling, every detail in the label's design is accounted for. On the back, for example, it carries loving recipes instead of ‘fast-solutions’ and is tied in the back with a small bow of excellence, framed by nutritional facts. 

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Among the practices of everyday life, ‘cooking at home’ – the brand’s namesake – is an art of making do with what you have. Sometimes that’s a bottle of sauce. The emphasis on design seems to suggest that the art of cooking moves beyond mindless consumer habits to a form of resistance that updates the old wisdom of well-informed, healthy choices. 

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph


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