KISS NEW YORK Celebrates Their Funky Cassette Tape Theme

by Alianne Valladares-Prieto on 02/25/2021 | 2 Minute Read

KISS NEW YORK is a South Korea-based nail kit brand. The company reached out to Heaz to develop the unique brand design and packaging details for an exclusive promotional at-home, gel nail application set typically given to influencers, as well as used for special events. 

The clear, acrylic box was created with a cassette tape and box in mind. Since vintage is always in style, KISS NEW YORK wanted to appeal to their younger audience by boldly implementing music cassettes into their design. The three, bright, contrasting colors correspond to each respective set of nail colors and art.

Editorial photograph

This is the Press & Go Kit from KISS NEW YORK, a self-nail brand that focuses on the power of well-groomed fingertips. The cassette-tape kit tactfully expresses Hwasa's hip mood as a brand muse

This is a special package, produced in small quantities to promote and deliver the brand’s concept and message. It is exclusively provided to reporters and influencers and presented as a gift for the launching, as well as special events.

Editorial photograph

The Press & Go line is a simple gel nail tip type that quickly and easily completes high quality nail art. Among the lines, three items selected by Hwasa were connected to the package color to match each nail color, and a transparent plastic box was used to accentuate the various colors available.

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