Your Cereals Should Be Bold So You Can Be Mighty

by Alianne Valladares-Prieto on 02/17/2021 | 3 Minute Read

It is said that being mighty is a New Zealand mindset. Well, if that’s true, then eating Be Mighty only serves to fuel that philosophy! 

Be Mighty is a cereal brand by Hubbards Food, based in New Zealand. Teaming up with Onfire Design for their most recent rebranding, Be Mighty aspired to create a new look that would reflect the boldness of its varying tastes and textures. Raise your hand (and your spoon) if you agree. 

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New Zealand-based Hubbards has a long history in creating new and exciting breakfast experiences. The well-known, local brand has an extremely loyal following, having been started by Dick Hubbard in his garage in the 1980’s. It always has, and always will be, a brand that invents, creates, pushes boundaries, and disrupts norms. 

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The new consumer trend of eating foods packed with good and sustainable energy, provided Hubbards with an opportunity to enter a new breakfast category with a delicious range of granolas. Loaded with fibre and Low GI, Be Mighty meets consumers’ demands for foods that will power them through their day.

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Having been involved with Hubbards since 2012, Onfire has been working with the team, revitalizing the brand for the past year to prepare it for the next stage of its journey. The first step was to evolve the iconic brand logo by creating a new, flexible, visual language. From there, they changed the copywriting tone to follow suit. 

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For Be Mighty, the new brand language was cranked up to the max to capture the energetic nature of the design. A clean, white pack emphasizes the pure energy contained within each variant. The dominant graphic is an unapologetically big, bold, and brash, pumped fist (of course, holding a breakfast spoon) to underline the ‘hell yeah!’ product premise. Bright, poppy colors contrast starkly against incumbents’ more subdued and traditional color palettes. 

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The Onfire team created a range of hand-rendered, expressive pieces that add to the energetic tone. Simultaneously, the back-of-pack copywriting is inspired by the positive thinking that created the range, while being both irreverent and fun. All these elements combine to create a vibrant proposition on-shelf, which is no retail wallflower.

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Be Mighty is defiantly optimistic. It shows that there is a way of putting greatnatural sustaining energy in, without all the nasties of the usual choices. With Hubbards Be Mighty, you can start your day with intentions up the wazoo!

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
  • Designed By: Onfire Design
  • Instagram: @onfiredesign
  • Creative Director:: Matt Grantham
  • Design:: Matt Grantham
  • Design:: Michael Nicholls
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