It's All In The Re-Shoe-Venation

by Shawn Binder on 02/11/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Reshoevn8r is a brand that provides sneaker-cleaning sprays and products.

Having collaborated with Socio Design and Hype Type Studio recently on a refreshing and sleek bottle and package design, the company had previously not seen as much success in years. Intending to expand the client's potential to work with shoe brands and sponsors, they stripped away what wasn't working and focused on minimalism to attract and avoid confusing new consumers. The new label features some serious kerning and highlights a contrasting black type against the aluminum bottles and simple cardboard packaging.

Steve Grear began selling sneaker-cleaning kits from his Arizona garage in 2010. Inspired by advice his mother had given him as a child (to always keep his shoes clean so that people will always respect him), he took an idea and rolled with it. It turned out, she was right. Reshoevn8r gained attention by innovating and energetically debuting new products to a rapidly growing and loyal online audience. Today they’re the most respected sneaker care specialists in the world.

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Nine years later, they had outgrown their brand and were losing ground to new competitors. They came to us to help rediscover their purpose, and rethink their future potential. We led them back to the notion that started it all: a love of sneakers. This love they shared in common with each of their followers is what led them down a refreshing, new path. 

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We switched the focus from cleaning products, to a celebration of sneaker culture. Sneakers > Soap. Whether for an avid collector or weekend jogger, Air Force 1’s or Ultraboosts, soles worn thin or pristine box-fresh, sneakers are at the heart of it all.

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The new brand is re-energized and stripped back, allowing it to flex around the personality of any pair of featured sneakers, or to partner up with other brands. We stacked the name on the label to boost legibility and create an iconic shape. We brought in a monospaced type to reflect a straight-talking character, and replaced coloured packaging with a new system of raw card and aluminum. A little bit often goes a long way. 

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Since its launch in Spring 2020, the brand has received praise from long-time followers, newcomers, and many brands in the sneaker industry, with a significant boost in sales in the toughest of years.

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