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Featured image for Tread Softly Extends Wine Brand Into World Of Gin With Nature-Inspired Packaging

Tread Softly Extends Wine Brand Into World Of Gin With Nature-Inspired Packaging

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/09/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Building on the success of its eco-conscious line of wines, Australian brand Tread Softly has expanded its product lineup to now include a gin produced and packaged with the same sustainability ethos of its grapier offerings.

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Working once again with drinks design agency Demonination, Tread Softly's gin takes a gentle, scenic, and feminine approach to stand out in a field dominated by masculine block branding. The front label is made with natural paper stock and comes minimally adorned. A ladybug is a reference to nature but also an invitation to look closer. The back of the bottle is screenprinted with a beautiful, rich depiction of flowers, birds, butterflies, and more ladybugs. The use of natural botanicals and commitment to sustainability get reinforced through the use of clear glass.

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The packaging stays true to Tread Softly's sustainability ethos by using 100% recycled glass. The nature of the recycled glass bottles also means that no two production runs will be the same, depending on the amount of tint present. The stopper gets made with wood, and instead of using a plastic security seal, Domination opted for a simple paper version.

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Domination’s initial work on the Tread Softly branding allowed for a cohesive and straightforward extension from wine into spirits. Since Domination’s specialty is in the drinks industry, it can collaborate with the right vendors, manufacturers, and printers to ensure Tread Softly's packaging meets the brand’s sustainability objectives.

Tread Softly dry and pink gins are available in Australia now, with details of a UK and EU roll-out to follow.

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