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Apparently, Pizza Hut’s Ketchup Bottles Are Oversexualized. Also, Pizza Hut Has Ketchup?

by Chloe Gordon on 11/05/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Pizza is highly personal. Thick crust or thin crust? Is pineapple, as a topping, a blessing or a curse? Are dipping sauces a no-go or the only way to go? 

Also, if you fold a pizza in half, is it a calzone or a taco?

Something recently making pizza news headlines, however, is the frustration surrounding the supposed over-sexualization of Pizza Hut’s slogan found on their ketchup bottles. Beyond the frighteningly obvious question over who puts ketchup on their pizza, how can ketchup be anything but a neutral condiment? 

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Pizza Hut customer, Adrian Shann, hailing from England, states on Twitter that the bottle's slogan of “Shake, Squeeze, and Squirt” sounds like “an app for swingers.”

Surprisingly, Pizza Hut didn’t take the complaint lightly and responded to Shann, saying, “I can only apologize if you were caused any offense or upset on your recent visit to our Hut, please know it is not our intention to make any of our guests feel uncomfortable. The wording is not meant to cause offense, and sorry if it was interpreted this way.”

Besides the alleged sexually infused slogan, the ketchup’s packaging is innocent and features a handwritten-inspired typeface in the shades of your classic tomato. And while Shann brought an interesting perspective to light, I’m honestly still stuck on the fact that people enjoy their tomato slathered slices with additional tomato-based condiments. But, with all things pizza, it’s personal. 

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