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Here's Some Shella Good Packaging From New Macaroni and Cheese Brand Goodles

by Chloe Gordon on 11/18/2021 | 2 Minute Read

While big macaroni and cheese notoriously markets to children, there's no denying that the comfort food staple is beloved by every single generation. 

So while the macaroni brands that we all know and love focus on kids (and, uh, adults that want mac and cheese ice cream), there's a new brand disrupting the category and concentrating its efforts on the OLDS with a nutrient and protein-packed offering (that's even Clean Label certified).

Enter Goodles, a new macaroni and cheese brand hitting shelves this week. With a founding team including actress Gal Gadot, Annie's co-founder and former president Deb Luster, CEO Jen Zeszut, and the former Kraft brand manager Paul Earle, the group is composed of those who know the ropes made out of elbow-shaped noodles. 

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Goodles is tapping into the universal love through a branding system that is bright, bold, and full of quirk. From the 90s bubble typeface used for the logo and the gorgeous color palette on each flavor's boxes to the charming copy used throughout the identity, this brand's packaging isn't afraid of being the center of attention. 

“Aside from conveying fun and joy in abundance, we also wanted to convey whimsy, irreverence, and even a little bit of subversion, " said Goodles co-founder Paul Earle. "There are so many orthodoxies in the category, ranging from cookie-cutter big CPG methods to all the kiddie tropes. We wanted to be highly differentiated and even a little weird, in a good way. The initial study ended up subtly invoking skater and surfer culture, which happens to be perfect for the brand’s home in Santa Cruz. Moving forward, we will continue to zig when others zag.”

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Goodles offers four SKUs, including a cacio e pepe-inspired mac called Mover & Shaker; Cheddy Mac, which is akin to an original style of mac and cheese; Shella Good, a white cheddar macaroni; and Twist My Parm, an asiago and creamy parmesan combination.

While the classic macaroni brands aren't going anywhere, it was time someone came in and disrupted the market as we knew it. Goodles is a noodle company that is doing so flawlessly. 

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Original Brand Concept: Paul Earle

Creative Direction: Dan Chodrow

Brand World, Visual Identity, and Package Design: Dan Chodrow, Studio Please, ZERO

Web Design: ZERO

Photography: Jason Little & Lo Martin

Campaign Creative: Lo Martin, Heather Wood, Dan Chodrow