Featured image for Milk-Bone's New Packaging Captures The Joy And Excitement That Our Pets Constantly Have

Milk-Bone's New Packaging Captures The Joy And Excitement That Our Pets Constantly Have

by Chloe Gordon on 11/17/2021 | 3 Minute Read

If you love dogs, then you know Milkbone. The iconic pet brand recently worked with branding agency CBX to redesign its well-known packaging system. The new packaging system is robust and distinct through expressive photography, oversized typography, and eye-catching color systems.

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Milk-Bone® has long been an iconic brand that ranked No. 1 in its dog treat category. Over time, category dynamics began to shift with new competitors and innovation entering. Milk-Bone needed to act fast to protect its leadership and partnered with New York-based brand agency CBX to unveil a dramatic new redesign of their product packaging, hitting shelves now.

The new packaging elevates the brand love consumers hold for Milk-Bone, while creating a packaging and design system that accommodated new innovations and improved shopability and navigation.

Research showed that consumers loved Milk-Bone with paramount brand preference, and consumer loyalists were open to new pet food products from the brand beyond just the biscuit treats. With this good news, Milk-Bone set out to grow and modernize its brand packaging. CBX created a new framework to organize current and future product lines with a visual and verbal language that captures the joy and excitement of treating your pet, in essence capturing the emotional connection between pet and owner during treat time.

“We set out to capture the essence of ‘life’s more fun with a dog,’ putting Milk-Bone at the heart of the joyful, authentic moment of treating your dog,” said Chris Cook, creative director at CBX and Golden-Doodle owner. “As the Milk-Bone brand continued to innovate and introduce new products, we needed to create a broader system of assets that could flex and an organizing system that would enhance shopability and navigation at shelf.”

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“CBX held collaborative work sessions with Milk-Bone team to align on how to best leverage the brand’s visual equities and assets across the key pillars of a comprehensive portfolio architecture,” adds Satoru Wakeshima, managing director at CBX. “The result was a powerful visual and verbal system with distinct typography, color systems, photo styling and copy approaches that hold the portfolio together cohesively yet allows for expansion and growth.”

CBX used real dogs in the packaging photography, enabling the concept to come to life by capturing the essence of the fun that man’s best friends offer to their owners and dog nurturers every day.

“Perhaps the most critical aspect of the redesign was getting the photography of the dogs just right. We wanted to capture the facial expressions, poses and most of all, the joy and playfulness that dogs bring to our lives. CBX has helped set the stage for the future of the Milk-Bone brand with a design and packaging system that brings new energy and meaning to everything loyal customers know and love,” said Cook.

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