Featured image for Sprite Announces Return Of Winter Spiced Cranberry, Adds 'Zero' Version For 2021

Sprite Announces Return Of Winter Spiced Cranberry, Adds 'Zero' Version For 2021

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/05/2021 | 1 Minute Read

The tail end of the year is a time for special seasonal beverages we don’t usually drink at other times of the year. It’s not just Karen’s latte that gets the seasonal treatment either; even sodas can get equally festive with fall and winter offerings. And since 2019, Sprite has delighted fans with Winter Spiced Cranberry, announcing today the return of the holiday favorite for this year.

Winter Spiced Cranberry combines the tartness and seasonal familiarity of cranberry with warm spice set against the backdrop of the familiar lemon-lime mix. Sprite is also adding a Zero option for 2021—welcome news for those looking to offset some extra holiday calories.

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The packaging follows the seasonal soda’s flavor conceptually, as Winter Spice builds upon the core Sprite branding by adding touches of the season. Mistletoe lingers at the bottom of the logo, and the customary background gets shared with a red festive winter pattern featuring white snowflakes reminiscent of fancy wrapping paper.

As part of this year’s release of Winter Spiced Sprite, the soda brand has teamed up with Black-owned wrapping paper company UNWRP to create specially-themed Sprite wrapping paper. Today, fans can enter to win a set of the Winter Spice-inspired wrapping paper by sharing their love of the soda and tagging Sprite on social media, including Facebook and Instagram (if they even remain online).