Featured image for LOVE's Design For 'The Dip' Immerses Wine Drinkers Into A Spooky Legend

LOVE's Design For 'The Dip' Immerses Wine Drinkers Into A Spooky Legend

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/29/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Legend has it that a vampiric dog with glowing red eyes roams around the Catalonian village of Pratdip, feasting on the blood of drunks lost in the countryside. Named the Dip, this hellhound is the inspiration for UK retailer Laithwaites’ latest Spanish black red wine, released just in time for Halloween.

The Dip’s bottle, designed by the talented folks at Manchester-based studio LOVE, features a hidden, snarling visage of the Dip drawn by artist Maria Octavia Russo. The menacing hound starts to appear as the wine gets consumed, another nod to the myth of the Dip. While most red wine comes bottled in amber or brown glass, The Dip resides inside a broad-shouldered clear bottle, showcasing the unique and sanguine hue, courtesy of dark Tintorera and Tempranillo grapes. Streaks of red run through the canine’s fur, and a scar runs down Dip’s left eye, adding to his frightening stare. Typography in rich red is equally ominous and compliments The Dip’s scary theme.

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“Laithwaites’ ability to discover great wines with a story is legendary. So they were more than happy to venture into the unknown with us,” said Ed Hall, design director at LOVE. “The liquid lent itself to the myth which allowed us to call out its unique properties through the identity. It also gave us the opportunity to provide customers with a taste of the unexpected. Something you rarely get in the traditional wine world. Ultimately, we wanted to create a bit of theatre with enough suspense and surprise to make the moment both memorable and shareable.”

For those brave enough to wander in the Dip’s domain, the wine is available now from Laithwaites.

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