Shiner's Pickle Hard Seltzer Is the Real Dill

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/27/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Despite calls to the contrary, the thirst for hard seltzers seems to have no signs of waning with the category buzzing and brands competing for sales, the flavors released have grown in novelty. No longer satisfied with the traditional taste of berries and citrus, consumers have spurred brinksmanship among hard seltzer brands when it comes to concoctions, like orange cream, pumpkin spice, and egg nog. But Shiner’s latest “Straight Shooter” hard seltzer is a decidedly more savory affair, called the “Juicy Dill Pickle.”

As the name implies, the hard seltzer tastes like dill pickles, though not just any dill pickle. Shiner’s tangy affair is made with real pickles using brewmaster Jimmy Mauric’s family recipe and is described as being sweet and sour, with notes of coriander, spice, and of course, dill.

Editorial photograph

If the idea of sipping on pickle-flavored seltzer is off-putting, the packaging for Shiner’s Juicy Dill Pickle is anything but. The light green carton prominently carries the principle Shiner logo and the supporting Straight Shooter seltzer sub-brand logo along the top. A hero shot of a trio of cans sits on one side of the front, while a delightfully fun pickle with a pair of eyes and a simple smile sits opposite. Equally playful copy such as “Real pickle in every sip,” “Brine and shine,” and “It’s the real dill” compliments the cute pickle mascot, and both appear on the cans as well.

For those looking to relax and unwind with a hard seltzer that tastes like dill pickles, Shiner’s Juicy Dill Pickle is available now in-store.

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