Kit Kat Wants To Help One Group Win At Halloween This Year With a 7 Foot Tall Costume

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/26/2021 | 1 Minute Read

Some snacks are more shareable than others and designed to get portioned out, like familiar candy aisle mainstay Kit Kats. The individual wafer-and-chocolate sticks come bound together with easily snappable chocolate, and unlike a Snickers bar, the candy’s composition is much gooier. 

Kit Kat’s unique shareability makes it a great inspiration for a group costume, and rather than DIY’ing it, the candy brand is giving one lucky squad their last-minute costume contest combo breaker.

Editorial photograph

Measuring seven feet tall, the Kit Kat costume features four individual pieces and one magnetic outer wrapper that serves as a faithful interpretation of the real deal to keep the group together. Although the Kit Kat places the approximate retail value of the group costume at $50, the amount of social media clout from wearing this recreated candy bar is difficult to appraise.

“Group costumes can be really hard to choose when you have so many people that need to agree, but luckily everyone loves and can agree on Kit Kat," said Benita Chang-Godoy, senior brand manager of Kit Kat, via a press release. "It's time to bring the perfect four-person Halloween costume that is a show-stopper to wear together but also really fun to break apart.”

Kit-Kat is only offering one group costume as a prize, and the contest runs until October 27th. You and your three other pals can find the rules here.

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