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Bug Bakes Is Sustainable Dog Food That's Good For Dogs and the Planet

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/13/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Ever catch your dog eyeballing a bug in a garden and suddenly go into a tizzy trying to stop them from eating it? 

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As it turns out, your pooch might be onto something, as insect-based protein is hypoallergenic and a sustainable alternative to meat, requiring significantly less water on average to produce. While the garden critters are best left outside and uneaten, pet food brand Bug Bakes brings clean, sustainable, insect-based, and cold-pressed dog food that’s also made from leftover fruit and vegetable pulp from commercial juicing and imperfect yet edible produce that would otherwise get discarded.

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Bug Bakes’ commitment to more sustainable dog food continues with the packaging. The bag is 100% plastic-free, using paper with a vegetable-based liner. The design is playful and fun, the wordmark turned into a grinning dog with ears and eyes over the U, and a row of eager dogs sitting and looking up is a familiar sight to many dog owners around chow time. The color palette is earthy and reinforces the sustainable-minded qualities of Bug Bakes, as does the earth-like seal at the top that features a paw-print instead of continents.

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The brand’s mission of caring for both the planet and our goofy canine companions strikes multiple chords for lovers of pets and the environment. The brand also attracted the attention of the corporate dragons on BBC’s startup pitch program Dragon’s Den. Bug Bakes sells its dog food direct, with meal plans tailored to individual canines, starting at about 87 cents a day for small dogs.