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Incredibles Refreshed Its Original Design

by Dieline Author on 01/08/2021 | 4 Minute Read

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Since 2010, incredibles has offered a consistent and reliable cannabis infused edible.

The story of incredibles began more than a decade ago when founder, Bob Eschino, began using infused cookies to help ease his grandma Noni’s pain. Upon recognizing the therapeutic benefits of the plant, Bob teamed up with Rick Scarpello (“the bakery guy”), Derek Cummings (“the extraction guy”), and Josh Fink (“the chef”), to make cannabis more accessible to the people of Colorado (and now beyond) by asking one simple question: "Can we create a consistent and reliable edible with the same discipline and quality standards that exist in the food industry?" Since 2010, we've said the answer is YES.

This redesign is intended to honor the incredibles story and highlight the brand's points of difference with key messaging and a visual identity that reflects the pioneering spirit and quirky personalities our founders.

The main objectives of the brand redesign included:

  • Visually distinctive and differentiated from the competitive set
  • Design clearly articulates the brand’s point of difference
  • Design reflects incredibles fun and quirky personality
  • Design pays respect to the incredibles origin story
  • Design stands the test of time
  • Design is ownable and easily extends into covetable merchandise

In order to achieve the above objectives, the brand underwent a full redesign, including:

Wordmark: The logo captures originality, credibility, and playful spirit through expressive typography. Set in a combination of upper and lower case, the letters establish a rhythm in tune with our off-beat personality. Foundationally, it is used in two colors to emphasize the "edibles" within incredibles. The edible "e" is slightly tilted and carries forward our signature bite mark as an homage to where we came from.

Edible E: Refreshed from its original design, the "e" stands for edibles. The four bite marks represents each of the four brand founders. The "e" is always found at a slight tilt, representing true-to-life physics of being left-side heavy as though an actual bite was taken from the mark.

The Credible Edible: To assuage consumers' common fears of variability in edibles experiences, this tagline is foundational to our positioning and champions our core offering —consistency of effect.

Founder’s Seal: This tertiary brand element humanizes the four founders, adding an endearing touch for consumers. The mark includes our founding year to reinforce our position as one of the longest-standing edibles brands still in existence. This mark is found on every incredibles package and serves as a seal of approval to substantiate our expertise and experience.

Fruit Stickers: The fruit stickers, found on every gummy package, capture our playfulness and hint at fresh fruit as a means to allude to flavor and appetite appeal.

Occasion Stickers: The occasion stickers, found on every chocolate's airtight seal, communicate our place as the edible that is perfect for any occasion. Using the center of the seal, we ask consumers to "save some for Noni", the matriarch who is central to the brand's story.

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Typeface: Chosen for its inherent chewiness, our brand typeface is full of energy, confidence, and flexibility. It was designed as a variable typeface, with seemingly infinite weight and width combinations. It is a foundational element that unifies our logo and illustrations.

Key Messaging: Our key messaging reinforces why consumers choose incredibles—consistency in effect and taste.

Illustration & Pattern: Geometric shape language and a mouthwatering color palette deliver flavor cues and create appetite appeal. To further drive brand cohesion, this shape language leverages elements from our type face. For example, the Summer Peach and Strawberry Crunch mouth are simply stretched versions of the dot of the "i" in our wordmark.

The incredibles line of infused gummies refreshed flavor names to be cohesive with the chocolate products and to express the brand personality.

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Although cannabis remains federally illegal, incredibles chose to rebrand and redesign in order to mirror that of major store-brand candy. Though in many legal cannabis markets consumers are unable to view the packaging ahead of purchase, the redesign was completed with the goal to ensure no matter where the packaging is displayed, it is noticed.

For chocolate packaging, each flavor name is brought to life through color and shape language that cue flavor and drive appetite appeal. Thoughtful use of our canvas, color, and communication architecture express our personality, help delineate flavors and simplify inventory management on the ground. The chocolate packages also include custom designs for state-specific bars, which give a nod to the local nuances that resonate with people from those communities. For example, on the end of the Illinois-based Windy City Bar, the rebrand included the dibs reference [after snow storms, people shovel their own street parking spots, then claim the spot with a lawn chair] and “Politics Not Included” language on the end of the box. The state-specific designs were created to form an inside joke between the brand and those who live in the market.

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