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Unleash Your Wild Side With This New Vermouth Brand

by Shawn Binder on 01/07/2021 | 2 Minute Read

The design for Still Wild is a departure from your run-of-the-mill vermouth. With a corked topper, these spirits feature a diamond label made from parchment paper, and each bottle has stunning print-screened foliage on it, speaking to the uniqueness of the product and its botanical nature. The illustrations featured are only outlined, allowing the coloring of the bottle to shine through.

For your next wild cocktail party for one, pour out some Still Wild.

Design Activity have created stunning bespoke packaging design for new spirits brand Still Wild.

It all started with one man’s vision - to create the wildest, most natural spirits made from unique hand-foraged ingredients. And so Still Wild was born.

Everything about this spirit is unique, and so to reflect this, everything about the packaging design is also unique, bespoke, and original. From the elegant bottle sprayed with a bespoke Still Wild green, to the label shape, the identity speaks to an ownable style. The label is printed on a natural paper stock, hand applied over a beautiful screen-printed illustration of the truly unique botanicals used to make this incredible vermouth.

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For first time entrepreneurs like James, bringing a new brand to market can be complex, and Design Activity worked very closely and collaboratively with him through the whole journey. Embracing his vision and expert knowledge of his products and overlaying their experience and strategic insight to help guide him through not only the design process, but helping with sourcing, production and logistics too – everything needed to bring Still Wild to market.

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“When starting an adventure, it’s difficult to navigate all the priorities, but it was clear that a great pack design would be absolutely crucial for my brand. Using their experience and strategic insight Design Activity have created a truly distinctive identity and pack design that has brought my brand, Still Wild, to life. I hadn't appreciated the scale and complexity of all things needed to bring a brand to market, but with Design Activity’s hands-on involvement every single step of the way, it has enabled me to create something special in Still Wild, which I am confident will be a great success," said James Harrison-Allen, founder of Still Wild. 

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